Sha Lafae


On March 28th, 1984, Beverly Savage named her third and last child: Shalonda Lafae Savage. In less than a year Shalonda moved with her mother from her birthplace Aiken, South Carolina, to White Plains, New York.

Although basketball scholarships got her into Manhattanville College, the art scene and oppurtunities captured her interest and stoked her passion. In the summer of 2003, Shalonda studied art and history at the American University Of Paris. In discovering one of the art capitals of the world for herself, she vowed to bring her experiences home, dreaming of her art one day appearing at the Louvre.

The artistic community surrounding her in Manhattanville brimmed with support. She was partnered with the very talented photographer Josie Zetina and supported by amazing artists Seana Cavanagh,Christina Fuentez, Amanda Nonis, and Kelly Wiehe. With the help of friends, Shalonda gathered the supplies she needed to put her work on paper.

Shalonda Invites the viewer to experience her art, not just see it.

"Take a second, a good long moment in time, and release yourself into the space I've provided you with. The door opens. You may see things that are familiar to you. If that is the art which keeps you comforted, continue to be safe here. Just know that you are somewhere where you won't be judged on how you see it. This is my home and i welcome you with open arms. There is something about feeling accepted...taken in."

With the rebirth of graffiti and free expression art in New York, Shalonda's artistic style is requested more and more. "some say my work looks random, yet says much in defined order." She has sold many prints of her work and just participated in Nascent Art's July auction ( selling off two original pieces in which 20 percent of the proceed went to Action Against Hunger.

She currently lives in New York, making commisioned work and showing in exhibitions, all while continuing to pursue her dreams of bringing her art to fashion and apparel.